Convinced by Onyxia? Let's see how you can get your own instance today!


If you are already familiar with Kubernetes and Helm, here's how you can get an Onyxia instance up and running in just a matter of seconds.

helm repo add onyxia https://inseefrlab.github.io/onyxia

cat << EOF > ./onyxia-values.yaml
  enabled: true
    - host: onyxia.my-domain.net

helm install onyxia onyxia/onyxia -f onyxia-values.yaml

# Navigate to https://onyxia.my-domain.net

With this minimal configuration, you'll have an Onyxia instance operating in a degraded mode, which lacks features such as authentication, S3 explorer, secret management, etc. However, you will still retain the capability to launch services from the catalog.

Whether you are a Kubernetes veteran or a beginner with cloud technologies, this guide aims to guide you through the instantiation and configuration of an Onyxia instance with it's full range of features enabled. Let's dive right in! đŸ¤ŋ

First let's make sure we have a suitable deployment environement to work with!


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