Onyxia Project Core Team Future Developments Roadmap

Data Explorer Evolution

Transforming the existing file browser into a comprehensive data explorer is a central aspect of our development roadmap. This enhancement aims to provide data scientists with immediate access to the initial rows of various file formats (including but not limited to parquet, CSV, and JSON) directly via the Onyxia-web interface. This will effectively integrate a basic SQL engine, DuckDB Wasm, for swift data access and manipulation.

Accessibility Improvement

Enhancing accessibility is a vital and immediate priority for the Onyxia project. Currently, the platform lacks certain accessibility features which we plan to implement in the immediate future.

Expanded S3 Management Options

As it stands, the Onyxia project does not have the capacity to set quotas for S3 buckets or create custom policies. These responsibilities are currently delegated to other administrators. However, we are in the process of developing an S3 operator that will simplify the process of onboarding onto S3, thereby reducing dependency on external administrators.
Last modified 6d ago